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Hyre: Tech Sector In The Age Of The New Normal

Hyre Founders - Jay & Joe
Hyre Founders Sector Report

Technology has become an integral part of our day to day lives, especially in the past few months. We have experienced a lot of unexpected things and fortunately, Engineers have kept our economy moving forward as most companies transitioned online and their staff to work from home. According to The New Daily, even when the pandemic is over, almost half of the workforce will continue working remotely because they felt happier and more productive. This is mainly because people are saving lots of time by not commuting and can approach their work at their own pace with a clear state of mind.

As we see this trend continue, an increase in demand for technology resources will inevitably follow. The infrastructure to support our digital world needs software engineers to keep us all online!

E-commerce, home entertainment, pharmaceuticals/MedTech, are experiencing positive growth with much of that focused around their online presence, in turn, creating demand for engineers of all flavours. These business sectors may not completely escape potentially negative economic impacts of the pandemic but they are in a far better position than many industries. In fact, they are confident that this is a temporary slow down and will eventually become one of the handfuls of industries that will potentially stand to gain from it.

In addition, Australia is providing support and government funding to businesses. Many entrepreneurs in our sector have a unique opportunity to grow as part of a national effort to stimulate the overall economy. From this, we are and will continue to see an emerging group of innovative startups creating disruptive products in certain industry sectors and automation focused products to create increased efficiency for companies who may be moving to more of an online environment.

Hyre offers an onsite service where we will come work with you in your environment to help get things done in real-time and truly soak in the culture and energy of your organisation. Software engineers, DevOps / SRE, Testing and Technical Leadership are our areas of focus with over 300x placements in three countries (Australia, New Zealand and the USA), five cities since 2017.

If you are a software engineer in the market either interested in looking at new opportunities or are just looking for a bit of insight about what’s going to help you map your next career move please feel free to get in touch.

Hyre outside of our normal contingent and retained offerings are now offering services set of recruitment products designed to help companies who may just need help with a certain part of the recruitment cycle.

Employer Branding / Content Creation

Market Mapping

Candidate Screening and Shortlisting

Interview Reporting / Scheduling

At Hyre, we are passionate about what we do. We work hard to deliver the best insight-led experience in the software engineering market. We believe the best way to achieve this is through genuine engagement within our talent communities, deep specialisation and close collaboration with the companies we partner with.

Hyre has always been an adaptable business. We are here to offer a number of talent solutions that cater to all companies and their individual circumstances. The Australian tech sector has lots of exciting innovative things going on and we are pumped to be a part of it.

Chat with us for your tech recruitment needs or if you are a passionate engineer looking for new opportunities. We’re back in the office and available to discuss your needs.

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Kyle Meloche
Kyle Meloche
30 juin 2020

Great insights, we've noticed a big increase in e-commerce through our business. Plenty of our clients are looking for engineers and developers, I'm hopeful for the future in Australia.

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